Sunday, October 12, 2014

Loosing Inspiration.

Hi everyone.  Every since I've finished the second scene, I've been loosing inspiration to continue because of a number of reasons.  I'm beginning to care less and less weather on not if I finish this.  One reason is because I feel like all of this work is for nothing.  It's like if I finish it, it wouldn't matter to anyone, myself included.  I mean, at first, It was all for self satisfaction, but now... I am loosing my drive to continue this project....  Another reason is that I've been busy with things.  Very busy.

But, dispite all of that, I've mananged to finish these 2 incredible turtle speed. Here is another demo. This is my problem though... Hopefully, I can pull through. Well I'm Outta here! God Bless!


  1. If you want a few of the vector models I can make a few for you, as long as I can also make them free to download?

    1. I reaallly wish I would have ran into before I finished the second scene. I could have asked you for a few futureist cars in the garage, or perhaps a few builds.. As of now, most models are taken care of (cept a few more cars and some type of flying machine). But hey, maybe next project I'll ask you for models, and I'll help u out the same...that's if your working on any projects.

    2. Where are my manners. Thanks for the offer!