Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Throwing it all away.

"Okay, you know what? I'm Done! I can't handle this anymore!!!"

 That's what I wanted you to think before reading this. If you believed it, I gladly pat myself on the back...because I tricked you. It's far from reality that I'm quitting anytime soon. With that said, I've made some more progress with the second scene. I would like to show you but I cant!!! Oh wait, yes I can. Give me a sec.
Those are a couple of shots that I finished since the last time I posted about this. These aren't the only 2. Matter of fact, I have like...3.5 more to go. I'm working on that one and if Im lucky, I'll finish by tomorrow. I'm hoping to finish them all up within 2 weeks!!! If i dont finish these up by the end of the month, something went wrong.

 Welp that's it! 'Kay Bye!!