Monday, April 21, 2014

Lunch Monster is done.

Lunch Monster is done. Its about my coworkers stealing my lunch at work. Even though this is a joke song, its 100% true. I'm pretty sure some of you can relate to this. Click the titles to hear the songs. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention they are free to download! Lunch Monster Lunch Monster NL Until next time.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Not Enough Time!!

You know, I've been gone for a while. I had a lot of stuff going on so I had time, and I hadn't been in the mood to post anything. The main reason for that is alot of my time has been taking away from me. That was what has caught me in a rut and all that. With the time I did have, I did manage to rig 3 characters for the animation I'm working on. Each character has 8 rigs, so thats like 24 models I have atm. I'm disappointed that this has taken so long to do. Now I am behind scheduel because of...some place. I was expecting to finish this by the end of the year, but now, it doesn't seem it's likely. with the way things keep going, I will be surprised if I finish it next year. Whatever though, It will get done when it gets done. If it doesn't, my loss. Anyway, here are the 3 models. Their names are in the videos. I still have more models to go. But you know what? I'm not gonna model them until I actually need them. Before I actually start the animation, I'm going to make another song, and then try to brush up on my drawing. The music is supposed to have lyrics to them, but they are....stupid. Its something that happens at'll hear it whenever or never u want. As for the drawing goes....Idk what to draw yet, but there are a couple of rules I have to follow. 1. Draw the best I can 2. Nothing copy written 3. NO REFERENCES 4. Nothing that I do not want to draw ( know what, forget the example. Maybe you can give me an idea? Well until next time...