Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello! Welcome to my Blog!

Hi.  I'm Eric, A.K.A as Climbladders on  Welcome to my blog.  The purpose of this is to blog is to show the world my creativity.  I am a artist who makes Music, Animation, and seldomly, artwork.  Sadly I didn't go to school for none of it.  I just do it for a hobby for the time being.

Right now, I am not working on any music atm because I am still trying to figure out Fruity Loops 11 (I bought it legit!), but I have some stuff on  It won't be too long before i start making something.

Far as animation goes, I am working on something called "Ageless: Fall of Vigil".  so far, I only have 2 scenes done storyboarded for the first episode.  It's no telling when I will finish this.

Thats it for now =)