Sunday, December 8, 2013


If anyone has been keeping track here, you'd know I spent like a month or 2 away.  Idk i can't remember, but maybe if i read my last post date, I'd know.  Its too late now.

Anyway, here's what I been doing.  I completed the 5th and 6th scene for my storyboard, and I have 3 more to go before I can actually begin the animation.  To be more specific, "Ageless:  Fall of Vigil".  I don't know if I will start on the latter first, or "Chicken Monster: Rests!".  I plan on starting and finishing them both next year.

Oh yeah, I haven't made anymore music lately because I'm trying to get this done!  Speaking of music, I've uploaded some songs onto soundcloud....but they are the same ones from newgrounds....

Until next time!

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