Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Guess What I did.

I finished the storyboard and now I can do the animation!  I finished it right on time too, which is earlier than I expected.  I thought I wasn't gonna finish until January.  Its a load off ma shoulders, but the other load will come when I start the animation.  I'm gonna do Chicken Monster first just so I can get familar with Anime Studio Pro more.

Well since that's out of the way I'm  gonna enjoy my near years day and Eve doing nothing...except maybe going out with the family and eating....and maybe start a song on new years day.  I have no idea how its gonna come out, but that's okay.

Welp, time for bed.  And I know I'm not gonna post on January first, so I'm saying this before hand.
Happy New Year! (But I forgot to tell you Merry Christmas as well...)

Welp. until next time...(.Lord willing)

Sunday, December 8, 2013


If anyone has been keeping track here, you'd know I spent like a month or 2 away.  Idk i can't remember, but maybe if i read my last post date, I'd know.  Its too late now.

Anyway, here's what I been doing.  I completed the 5th and 6th scene for my storyboard, and I have 3 more to go before I can actually begin the animation.  To be more specific, "Ageless:  Fall of Vigil".  I don't know if I will start on the latter first, or "Chicken Monster: Rests!".  I plan on starting and finishing them both next year.

Oh yeah, I haven't made anymore music lately because I'm trying to get this done!  Speaking of music, I've uploaded some songs onto soundcloud....but they are the same ones from newgrounds....

Until next time!