Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Man- aww forget it.

Well, it appears now that I'm working solo on this project.  At first I had a partner to do Voice Acting, but he's way too busy.  But I still ain't quitting (though most sane people wouldn't either, especally how much work was put into this).  It's just means that I have to do more work to get my goal to be complete.  Its good and and bad at the same time.  Good because I can make changes to the script when I want without having to call up my partner and tell him.  The bad thing....well obviously playing 6+ different voices.  Since my voice is limited, you will tell that alot of them have the same speech patterns, speak the same, have the same accent, yada yada yada.

Whatever though,  Like I said before, I'm going to keep pressing on, even when it looks bad.  It's all I can do now.

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